Monday, February 22, 2010

What Time Is It? It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

So the much anticipated Girl Scout Cookies have arrived! My oldest daughter Brinley is a Daisy Scout and we got to have our first experience selling girl scout cookies earlier this year! ( If you ordered cookies from us you'll will have them sometime this week, if not it's not to late we have several booth sales lined up!) It was CRAZY! She made a goal to sell 200 boxes or more and with the help of my sweet sister Jenny and my Mom and Dad we sold 231 boxes in initial sales! Thanks for all the support! Because Brinley made her goal she earned the nifty Cookie Star patch that you can see displayed on her vest!

Today I will be separating them by order and picking up the thank you cards. Tomorrow we will start delivering and boy is Brinley excited!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's soccer time!

All three girls are playing soccer this season! Brinley plays for Frisco Heat. However she did not play her first game due to the ear infection. Maddy and Gibby are players for Dino Power with their sweet little cousin Summer. The best thing is that their Coaches are Summer's parents Sam and Aries who happen to be the girls Aunt and Uncle! It's Maddy's 1st time to play and she's super excited!

Before the game they did their usual warm up and practice goals kicks and throw ins!

They got off to shaky start but really ended up doing a great job! Maddy was a bit shy of the ball being her first time to play. But Gibby was really getting in there. By the fourth quarter she was trying to hog the ball! At this point they don't keep score but I think that the teams were a good match. I believe that we were pretty much tied in the end!

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