Friday, September 10, 2010

Day Fourteen!

Today has been a good day! It's Friday! How could it not be good? The girl's got ready easily this morning, we took our pics and they even got to school early! I also got a great workout this morning! Mrs. G called me to find out when to meet us for Maddy's ear piercing tomorrow (if she earned it)! Right before I went to get the girls I got an email from Mrs.S that Maddy had a fabulous day and earned her reward which was visiting Mrs.G! If she meets all of her goals for the day she gets a reward. Maddy chose her rewards and she chose visiting with Mrs. G as her first one! Mrs. S was even sweet enough to send me a picture! Brinley and Gibby had a great day too! We have a busy weekend ahead! We'll being getting Maddy's ears pierced tomorrow! Brinley has a slumber party to go to tomorrow night and a skating party on Sunday! Then we have girl scouts Sunday evening! I'm looking forward to it all and I'm so relieved that Maddy had a good week!

Here are our pic's from this morning!:)

Maddy's Reward Picture! :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day Thirteen!

I am so tired today. It may have something to do with having yet another migraine last night and not getting much sleep! This morning was good. The girls got it together quickly because they were promised a peek at the trap that was set up last night to catch the bobcat! No bobcat yet! We'll see if we catch him tonight! We did our usual pictures and Gibby was upset that she didn't get to be in the middle!( You can tell from the picture!) When I dropped the girls off Maddy asked if I would come for lunch and I promised that I would since she's had such a great week! I went to their school and sat with Gibby and Maddy for lunch. A this point Maddy was having another good day! They kissed me and then went to recess! I decided since I was already there I'd wait for Brinley and sit with her for lunch too! She was surprised and happy to see me there! Gotta take advantage of them wanting me around while it lasts! Then I went to set up for book fair! It's amazing what a bunch of women can do in only 2 hours! After that it was time to pick up the kiddos and Maddy looked sad. She started crying and siad that she got in trouble in the afternoon.
I told her that it was okay and that even though I was disappointed about today I was still very proud of the past few days! She is making an apology note for her teacher now. Hopefully she has a better day tomorrow!

Here are our pics from this morning! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day Twelve!

We woke up to sirens and heavy rain this morning! It looked like there was an accident on the tollway service road. I prayed that all involved were okay. The girls were tired this and I think that they're really getting tired of the picture everyday routine! They're just gonna have to deal! :)

I worked on book fair again today and was stopped by the principle, asst principle, counselor and Maddy's teacher through out the day! They are amazed at how great she is doing. ( We've promised to get her ears pierced if she does well at school every day this week!) So far it's working! Now I just have to come up with a plan for next week! :P

Here are this mornings pics! :) (Binley is sooo over it!)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day Eleven!

Today was a great day! Girls woke up Happy! Maddy did great at school! I worked on PTA book fair decorations at the school all day! It's been raining but with the rain comes cooler temps and Fall feeling weather! I love it!

Here are this mornings pics!

This is what was in our yard yesterday morning!!!! Scary!

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