Monday, December 13, 2010

What's On Julie's Phone?

Lots of craziness on my phone this week! You probably know the drill by now but if you don't head over to Jessica's blog and link up your phone pic's! She even has a fun button!

Let's get to it, shall we!

The Christmas Tree is finally up! Good thing because we are having Aaron's fam over for Our Christmas gathering on Saturday! My kids were given the privilege of decorating the tree this year. It was sooo hard for me. They had so much fun doing it though and they didn't break one ornament! :) * It's a little heavy on the ornaments but they were very proud of themselves so we are leaving it!

My lil sis has a very curious 1 year old! So she opted for a table top tree this year. She also decided to use the fabulous leg lamp lights that I bought them a couple of years ago. This made Jenny decide to go all out with the tackiness! The lampshade tree topper was my idea!

Gibby scored 5 goals at her soccer game on Saturday!!! Of course I didn't get any pics of that! That would just be CRAZY!!! We did however get several random pics at The Home Depot where we were shopping for supplies to build Brinley's new loft bed.

On Sunday Brinley and I had the pleasure of attending Gabby and Ayden's Santa Party. 12 little girls and 4 moms. They had us outnumber just a little! Over all it was a great success and I got to learn how to make hot cocoa with real cocoa.

Yesterday I finally finished the dresses I was making for Liz's girls! A big project checked off my list.

Now to finish cleaning my house,wrapping up the shopping and prepping for 5 kindergarten parties on Friday! Did I mention that I volunteered to be grade
coordinator for kinder at the girls school. I'm sure that I'll be posting pics from that next week!

Now go check out The Lowe Family News and see what's on everyone's phone!
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