Thursday, March 4, 2010

Re Purposed Prom Dress

So my oldest daughter Brinley needed an outfit for her schools annual Sock Hop! Okay, okay, so technically she didn't Need a new outfit! I made her a precious Red poodle skirt last year that she could have easily worn this year.

But, if you know me, It has to be a new outfit each time! That's the fun part for me! Anyway, I had been planning to do a 50's style party dress! You know the kind with a very full skirt and lots of frills! However, we were running low on funds this week and the budget didn't allow for a trip to the fabric store. So I had to get creative. I just happened to have a prom dress from Aaron's 1997 prom that my grandmother and I made! This dress is made completely out of white eyelet lace! Perfect right!

I also had these really adorable yellow chiffon ruffles that I had left over from another project.

Brinley also has a white pettiskirt that we use all the time that goes nicely under her eyelet skirt!

I chopped the skirt off of the dress!

Then I went to work making a skirt and top from the fabric ( I still have lots left over!).

Okay, so I have a little tweaking to do and it looks much better on, but my model is at school. So if you want to see the finished project on our girl check back in couple of days to see details from the Sock Hop!

The Trendy Treehouse

Monday, March 1, 2010

More Girl Scout Cookie News

Yesterday was Daisy Troop 834's first booth sale! It was windy and cold but they did an awesome job! They sang cute little songs and asked the patrons of Market Street very politely if they'd like to buy some cookies. They got a lot more no's then yes's but they stayed positive and told everyone thank you!

They made their own signs! Aren't they great!

We purchased the cute samao costume from Ebay and Janet our troop leader made the awesome Do-Si-Do and Thin Mint costumes! Don't they look Darling!

Check back in the next day or two I'll be featuring a dress a I made from a pattern I tested for another blogger and Brinley's outfit for the Sock Hop!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brinley's First Game

Brinley had her first soccer game yesterday! She had a great time. The weather was beautiful. The sun was shining and we could feel the first hints of spring. Brinley was very eager to get in the game!

She is doing so much better then her first season when she was 4. Back then she only wanted dress up and gallop like a horse.

But now her true competitive side is coming out. With soccer stars on both sides of the family she is bound to have some skills right? I know I'm a little bias but she's doing so good this season. She didn't score a goal this fist game but she made lots a contact and several assists! In my eyes that fabulous!

The teams were pretty evenly matched up but due to our top scorer Ruby I think we won. Because they don't keep score at this age I'm not positive!

In all the business yesterday by the time we got to the twins game I completely forgot to take photos. But they also did great and I'm pretty sure that their team won!
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