Wednesday, December 22, 2010

William Wayne Roch July 16 1958 - December 22 1985

This is my dad and my Grandma Billy. I believe that this was taken not too long before he passed away.

It has been 25 years ago today that I lost my dad. Strangely enough one of my daughters reminded me this morning by asking me when my daddy died.

He was 27 years old with his whole life ahead of him. I was 6 years old, my sister Jenny was 2 and my brother Cw hadn't hit his first month yet. We had traveled to Houston with our mother to celebrate Christmas with family. He was going to meet us there. Early that morning my sister woke up hysterically crying. This was out of character for her. It happened to be around the time that our dad was killed in a head on collision. I still don't know how my mother got through it all.

He has been missed everyday since then. The three of us are all grown up now. Cw is his spitting image and just celebrated his 25th birthday. Jenny is 27, married and has her own baby. I'm 31 married and have my 3 girls. I hope that we make him proud. He has 4 amazing granddaughters now! My Maddy even looks a lot like him.

We love you and you're in our hearts until we meet again.

Pictures of dad growing up with his sisters and brother.

What's on Julie's Phone? * A little late!

Okay so it's Wednesday and I'm a day late! But it's also the week of Christmas and my kids are home and I have to clean my entire house to host Christmas for my family this weekend...

Anywho, let's get to it! If you haven't already, head over to The Lowe Family News and check out this awesome linky that Jessica does every week! It's super fun to see what everyone captures on their phones each week!

Here's what's on mine!

The girls all asked for roller skates this year for Christmas! Not roller blades, old school roller skates! I am super excited because I've always secretly wanted to be a roller derby chic! These are the ones I bought! Shhh don't tell!

You know the dresses from last weeks post? Here are the sweeties I made them for! Do you think they like them!?

Maddy and Gibby got to carol for the older kids at school last week. Gibby got all dressed up and was super proud of herself and asked me to take her picture! If you know Gibby this is not standard for her. She is not a girlie girl.

My sister and I took our girls to see Santa last week. My girls had way too much energy and Miss H just wanted down so I waited in line while they ran around like heathens! While I waited this was my view.

I always make something yummy for all of the girls teachers and I mean ALL! Their primary, specials,tutors, principles, counselor, nurse, secretary etc... This year it was microwave fudge. No time for the real thing this year. :/

So if you read Jessica's post yesterday you'll know that she mentioned Charming Charlie! Like Jessica, it's my new favorite store! If you haven't been it's like accessory heaven. Anyway, I fell in love with this necklace. It has an Alice in Wonderland theme. If you have read my blog in the past you know that I'm a huge fan. I didn't buy it since it's that time of year. :( Maybe someone will buy it for me for Christmas! ;)

The girls had their class parties on Friday! My mom came to help me with kindergarten and Aaron was even able to stop and see each of the girls!

Brinley's girl scout troop went caroling on Friday night! It was freezing so I made her wear under armor under her clothes, tall socks, gloves, hand warmers, scarf, hat and her puffy jacket. I'm pretty sure that she was still cold!

Saturday was our Christmas get together with Aaron's family. Of course the kids couldn't wait to open presents! We had such a great time. The kids made a ginger bread house. I especially loved the "sky light"! Gibby was so tired by the end that she laid down with Daisy and fell asleep.

So that's my week in phone pics! You want to show us yours link up here!

Monday, December 13, 2010

What's On Julie's Phone?

Lots of craziness on my phone this week! You probably know the drill by now but if you don't head over to Jessica's blog and link up your phone pic's! She even has a fun button!

Let's get to it, shall we!

The Christmas Tree is finally up! Good thing because we are having Aaron's fam over for Our Christmas gathering on Saturday! My kids were given the privilege of decorating the tree this year. It was sooo hard for me. They had so much fun doing it though and they didn't break one ornament! :) * It's a little heavy on the ornaments but they were very proud of themselves so we are leaving it!

My lil sis has a very curious 1 year old! So she opted for a table top tree this year. She also decided to use the fabulous leg lamp lights that I bought them a couple of years ago. This made Jenny decide to go all out with the tackiness! The lampshade tree topper was my idea!

Gibby scored 5 goals at her soccer game on Saturday!!! Of course I didn't get any pics of that! That would just be CRAZY!!! We did however get several random pics at The Home Depot where we were shopping for supplies to build Brinley's new loft bed.

On Sunday Brinley and I had the pleasure of attending Gabby and Ayden's Santa Party. 12 little girls and 4 moms. They had us outnumber just a little! Over all it was a great success and I got to learn how to make hot cocoa with real cocoa.

Yesterday I finally finished the dresses I was making for Liz's girls! A big project checked off my list.

Now to finish cleaning my house,wrapping up the shopping and prepping for 5 kindergarten parties on Friday! Did I mention that I volunteered to be grade
coordinator for kinder at the girls school. I'm sure that I'll be posting pics from that next week!

Now go check out The Lowe Family News and see what's on everyone's phone!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's on Julie's Phone?

Tuesday seems to be coming around pretty fast these days!!! I don't mind though because this linky is so fun! Go now and check out The Lowe Family News,add your own phone pic link and check out what everyone else is picturing on their phones!

Jessica also has a fun new button that you can get if you participate and spread the love!

On with my week now! I guess I went a little over board with the pics this week. It may be an addiction and I might need help.

The girls needed new jeans and Target had a great sale last week. These are some of the ones we went home with and I just had to send my sis a pic!

We had the girls pictures made last Wednesday! *I can't wait to see them today! I had them go barefoot and this was the outcome. One huge splinter in Gibby's foot!

After digging that monstrosity out of Gibby's foot she decided it was her turn to capture some moments!

When I was at the school last week passing out Yankee Candle orders I noticed that Maddy's artwork was displayed in the hall. What proud momma wouldn't snap a picture of that?!

My friends and I are started a Bunco group and last Thursday night we got together for a fun dinner to find out what month we had to host! To spice it up a bit Liz added and auction. We were to bring unwanted items from home and auction them off to the highest bidder. *Liz gave us fake money to pay for our items! This is one of the things Julie B. came home with! I think that Daisy is a little creepy.

Gibby getting ready for school wearing her Oscar the grouch shirt. The shirt doesn't really suit her. She is as far from grouchy as they come!

Friday I had my first American Girl Doll Boutique experience. It was a little overwhelming and I didn't get any pics of that! However, I did snap a photo of the amazing Christmas Tree at the Galleria!

My awesome friend Margy treated herself to lash extensions (because us mommies deserve to do something for ourselves every now and then!) and they look so amazing! This pic was taken right after they were done so disregard the red eyes!

The girls are really into their music! Maddy and Brinley were probably singing to their iPods at this point.

Brinley finally lost her 3rd tooth. She's taking so long to get them out and her new ones are not coming in straight! Braces here we come. *Please don't pay attention to the messy bed head and breakfast on the face. Thanks!

Gibby had her 1st indoor soccer game on Saturday! I have to say that I prefer indoor soccer to outdoor.

Maddy decorated the fireplace with post its! What you can't see is that she drew a picture on each one.

I finally got all of my Christmas decorations out on Sunday! This is another addiction that I have. It seems to multiply every year and I LOVE it!

Yesterday I went and bought our tree. We didn't get it flocked this year like we normally do. Trying to stay on a budget is no fun. But I'm sure it will be great anyway! I do not have pics of that yet because its just sitting there right now. However, I did get this super cute tree for the girls and they love having their own tree!

Last night Aaron started a fire and the girls enjoyed some hot cocoa and popcorn will they watched the flames.

That's a wrap on the past week in phone pics! I hope that you enjoyed it and feel inspired to show us yours. If you do don't forget to link up here!
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