Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 Years Ago Today .... Well last night anyway!

My sweet girls Madolyn Rose and Gibson Bella were born! They were born at 35 weeks and had to spend a little time in the NICU! We have lots of hiccups along the way but we've made it to 5 healthy and strong! Here are a few pics over the past 5 years!

We won't have their party until next month! It's a DR. Seuss theme. Check back for pictures and details from what is bound to be a fantastic party!


  1. Stopping by from Trendy Treehouse Friday Follow to say HI! Come by and say Hi!

  2. Absolutely adorable! Happy belated birthday to your sweet girls!

    Stopping by from Friday Follow and following you now. I hope you can stop by and visit me. :)

  3. Loved being able to see the twins 'grow up' here! Cutie pies!!! I'm enjoying your blog :D


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