Wednesday, December 22, 2010

William Wayne Roch July 16 1958 - December 22 1985

This is my dad and my Grandma Billy. I believe that this was taken not too long before he passed away.

It has been 25 years ago today that I lost my dad. Strangely enough one of my daughters reminded me this morning by asking me when my daddy died.

He was 27 years old with his whole life ahead of him. I was 6 years old, my sister Jenny was 2 and my brother Cw hadn't hit his first month yet. We had traveled to Houston with our mother to celebrate Christmas with family. He was going to meet us there. Early that morning my sister woke up hysterically crying. This was out of character for her. It happened to be around the time that our dad was killed in a head on collision. I still don't know how my mother got through it all.

He has been missed everyday since then. The three of us are all grown up now. Cw is his spitting image and just celebrated his 25th birthday. Jenny is 27, married and has her own baby. I'm 31 married and have my 3 girls. I hope that we make him proud. He has 4 amazing granddaughters now! My Maddy even looks a lot like him.

We love you and you're in our hearts until we meet again.

Pictures of dad growing up with his sisters and brother.

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