Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wake Up Call

Today January 2nd 2013 I, Julie Lollar, vow to recommit to myself. I vow to take care of myself inside and out, mind,body and spirit. Big changes are coming. Not just run of the mill new years resolutions but life changes. This is the year I live for me. This will in turn make me a better me, better mom, better wife, better friend. In the days and weeks and months ahead I will share my successes and my failures. I will share recipes, books, blogs and people that inspire me. These are my intentions and I intend to be intentional this year. I will be me. I will do my best to strengthen healthy relationships and cut ties with the not so healthy ones. My sincere wish is for everyone I know and those that I don't to have a healthy, happy prosperous year. Please come along with me on my journey back to me. Until next time, Happy Day! With Love, Julie

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