Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"The Germinators"

So Brinley's first grade glass did their program at Good Morning Bright yesterday. For those of you who don't know, Good Morning Bright is an assembly that Brinley's elementary school has to begin their day. They dance, do the pledge of allegiance, honor Birthdays and have announcements. Brinley's class has been working on this skit for awhile.I was about appropriate bathroom behavior. They were SUPER excited to perform for the school! About three weeks ago I was asked to make capes for the 17 children in Brinley's class. I was also given a couple of months to complete this project. However, Mrs. Graham (who might be the best teacher in the world, no kidding!) decided that the kids should do their performance sooner to keep up the excitement! Okay so I was all set to do the capes, then I was also recruited to make matching masks and I needed to come up with something for the front to display a G for Germinator.

We had original thought about using t-shirts but it wasn't in budget.So know the work load has tripled and the time line has been shortened by a lot! So I was given my budget on Thursday February 4th. I was at the time making Brinley's Dress for the Daddy Daughter Dance ( look forward to seeing the results of this in another post!). The dance was Saturday and I was unable to buy the materials for the program until Sunday. I started working on them Sunday night. I had everything cut out by Tuesday night and started sewing Wednesday.

Half way through the capes my sewing machine stopped working. Luckily we had bought Brinley a sewing machine for Christmas. If you sew you no how much "fun" it is to learn a new machine. Anywho, I figured it out and started back up again.

Thursday the 11th it starts snowing and I still have work to do. Brinley's performance is set for the following day! Thank God for Snow Day's! It was declared Thursday night that we wouldn't have school and that Valentines Party's and the program would be pushed to Tuesday. So I thought great more time. Right? I'm the biggest procrastinator in the world. So what do I do? I play in the snow with the kids on Friday. Had a soccer meeting, went to a movie with Brinley and had family time on Saturday. Taught Sunday School, took Brinley to a Girl Scout Valentines Party, Sent the kids to the grandparents and had a date night with the hubby on Sunday. Then the dreaded Monday sneaks up on me and I still have to sew velcro to half of the capes and sew the masks. Which, I admit, I thought piece of cake! The hard part is over. WRONG! I didn't like the masks the way they were. That's The Wanna Be Super Mom coming out. Everything has to be perfect. So I decide that they need to be two layers to fit properly. Which in turn adds more cutting. Then my needles started breaking and the thread wasn't holding. Long story short I was up until 1:30 a.m. finishing the masks. Then was up at 6 a.m. to have everyone ready before Brinley and I went to her school at 7:30 a.m. I was tired, cranky and frazzled.

But the minute the kids saw their costumes(which were personalized with their first initial they got to keep I might add) and their faces lit up, all of my issues melted away and I was just happy to be part of it! Not to mention the second grade teacher's are fighting over who will get me next year! What have I gotten myself into? Until next time, Have a SUPER Day!


  1. SUPER MOM TO THE RESCUE! you have rescued me several times.....I bet there are a few others out there also!

  2. Thanks Liz! It feels good to be appreciated! That's what friends are for. I'm pretty sure that you've been there to rescue me before too!


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