Friday, February 19, 2010

Sick Kids.... Gotta Love It!

So all of my girls are sick!It's been an ongoing thing in our house since last weekend. First Brinley spiked a fever and then started coughing and complaining of an earache. Then the twins started in with coughing and fever. Brinley had dropped the fever by Sunday so on Tuesday when school started back up she went. By Wednesday afternoon she had fever again and had to miss school Thursday. Gibby started the same Thursday morning and also missed school. Let me tell you I'm not good at sick kids. I don't really have the patience or the stomach for it. I have issues with mucus, vomit, diarrhea or any other bodily fluid for that matter!

I thought Brinley was better so I sent her to school today. Boy was wrong. I was called to come and pick her up. But being the Not So Super Mom that I am missed the four calls made by the nurse and the assistant principle. This actually wasn't my fault, but I still feel like the worst mom in the world. My phone wasn't ringing! I know, you're thing that I probably had my ringer off. Nope, I just have a bad phone that is no longer ringing when I have a phone call!

It wasn't until I was checking my email that I found an email from the Principle saying that Brinley had been in the nurses office all morning and that they were unable to reach me. So I checked my phone and they had tried calling me several times starting at 9:21 this morning. To top it off Brinley had been crying most of that time refusing to take Tylenol or eat her lunch. So by the time I got there she had been waiting for me for 3 hours and was completely red in the face from sobbing.

So I have everyone settled down to watch a movie and rest. I thought that this would be the perfect chance to get a nice warm bath to sooth my achy body. I forgot to mention that Aaron and I have been sick also. Anyway, I'm settled in reading a book and in runs Gibby with a panicked look on her face saying "I shouldn't have waited so long to go to the potty." As she saying that the unmistakable sound of a butt explosion is happening and Gibby has pooped her pants!

Are we going to have a round of the stomach bug that all of our little friends seem to be getting? We shall see! Check back tomorrow to find out!

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