Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Rich Tooth Fairy!

So I have been MIA for 2 and half months now! My husband grounded me form blogging! I wasn't getting anything done around the house. Guess what! I'm still not getting anything done! So back to blogging I go!

A couple of weeks ago Brinley lost her first tooth! At 6 and 3/4 I was wondering if it would ever happen. That tooth was loose for, no kidding, 6 weeks or more! Brin is my timed cautious little girl. She was so afraid to pull that tooth. She wouldn't even let me talk about it! I thought that it might pop out while eating or maybe even come out in her sleep. Not Brinley, she decides to pull it out at school! I have a suspicion that she did that on purpose. She got to go to the nurse who gave her a nifty little tooth chest the hold it in and several toothy stickers!

We were very excited for the Tooth Fairy to come! However, I'm pretty sure that she was not prepared! You see the Tooth Fairy left Brinley a $10 bill. I'm pretty sure that I only got a quarter for my teeth. I know it's gone up but I'm pretty sure that $10.00 is over kill! So that Brin wouldn't expect that every time we told her that the first tooth is special and are worth more money!

So I will be out of town all next! We'll be going on vacation to Cancun Mexico with most of Aaron's side of the family! Look for some fun posts on that we when return!


  1. Tooth fairy leaves the Parker kids a shiny gold dollar.

  2. Yea - the tooth fairy at our house left $5 for the first tooth and the fairy pulled the "worth more money" thing also....but then with tooth #2 the fiary didn't have Gabby got a $5 again! Oh yea...and the fairy can't forget the fairy dust!

  3. Julie the gold dollar is a great idea! I'm just never prepared! The only cash on hand was the ten dollar bill. No way would she have gotten that had there been smaller bills available!


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