Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's on Julie's Phone?

So if you haven't heard of Jessica from The Lowe Family News or HunDuddle Hussy go check her out now! This chic is super funny!

Anywho, she has started a new linky party called What's on Jessica's Phone Tuesdays! So I'm sharing mine and linking up here

Let's go from oldest to newest, shall we!

Back in August Brinley went to her first Rodeo with her girl scout troop! It looks like Gabby is trying to eat her face!

Brinley's 7th birthday was also in August!

In August the new 31 catalog and Holiday Guide came out and this is me modeling one of the new goodies! (Wow I really need to clean out my pics!)

Sometimes I babysit my 1st niece from my side of the fam. This pic is off Hadley and my 1st great niece Hylee having a play date!

Do you remember the bobcat from this post? Well we caught one of it's friends!

Brinley got a black eye playing at a friends house. My kids are super clumsy! She did this in the midst of a marshmallow fight! *Sorry Margy, I had to add it!

Here a few in a series of 20 or so pics that Maddy took of herself when she wasn't supposed to be playing with my phone!

Gibby is the chillest kid you'll ever meet! She loves to just sit back and listen to her ipod!

This is one of my favorites simply because it's so special! This is my dear friend Liz and her daughter walking in the Komen Dallas Race for the Cure 5k in October! We walked in honor of her! If you've never been involved in one of these events I highly recommend that you do it at least once! The feeling of love and hope is just amazing! I can't wait to do it again next year!

Some of the tombstones from our graveyard that we put up every year for our Halloween party! We made these a few years back and I still love them!

The hat I made for Aaron's costume.

Brinley doing the Gravity Ropes at Main Event for the 1st time!

The girls playing with the Halloween makeup! So funny!


And Maddy playing with my phone again last night!

I hope that I didn't bore you to much! I'll be linking up again next week and you should too! It's pretty fun to see what you've snapped with your phone! :)


  1. oh my gosh. the bobcat?!? holy mother. what did u do with it? i need to know more about that thing. that is scary freaky just like the other one u found.

    u are MEGA crafty are u not? that hat u made, those tombstones. i love it.

    and ur girls are beyond lovely. soooo precious. love the costumes.

    join us next week too!!! thanks!

  2. OMG the face paintings are totally rockin. And I should know, because one time I was totally poor so to pay the rent I painted faces at a pizza place while my boyfriend at the time was a professional clown.

    Of course now my husband will never let me forget it.

    But still, face paitings . . . awesome.


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