Friday, September 10, 2010

Day Fourteen!

Today has been a good day! It's Friday! How could it not be good? The girl's got ready easily this morning, we took our pics and they even got to school early! I also got a great workout this morning! Mrs. G called me to find out when to meet us for Maddy's ear piercing tomorrow (if she earned it)! Right before I went to get the girls I got an email from Mrs.S that Maddy had a fabulous day and earned her reward which was visiting Mrs.G! If she meets all of her goals for the day she gets a reward. Maddy chose her rewards and she chose visiting with Mrs. G as her first one! Mrs. S was even sweet enough to send me a picture! Brinley and Gibby had a great day too! We have a busy weekend ahead! We'll being getting Maddy's ears pierced tomorrow! Brinley has a slumber party to go to tomorrow night and a skating party on Sunday! Then we have girl scouts Sunday evening! I'm looking forward to it all and I'm so relieved that Maddy had a good week!

Here are our pic's from this morning!:)

Maddy's Reward Picture! :)


  1. These shots of your girls are so fun!
    I adore those bright red sneakers!!
    I smile at the poses.....Top Model watch out!
    I see in the post below you mentioned a migraine.
    Here are three tips, give them a try;
    1: Headaches are often brought on by dehydration. Drink more water!! Add lemon to make it more refreshing! Keep Gatorade on hand. If you are more active one day and not eating or drinking enough, have some! {Trust me on this one} And if you have a headache, drink a full bottle of it.
    2: Try Excedrin Migraine. It might cause a bit of an upset stomach, but trust me it is effective, and fast.
    3: No Excedrin on hand? Take your usual headache meds then wait 15 minutes, and take two excelsior tablets dissolved in water.
    Hope these tips help!
    Keep up the god mom work!

  2. Thanks you so much for your sweet words! I will most definitely try your tips. You are probably right about it being brought on by dehydration! I know that I drink enough!


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