Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's on Julie's Phone 1-17-2011?

Not a lot that's for sure! The hubby got the flu and strep so my phone pic list is short this week. However, I joined the cool kids and got the Hipstamatic app on my phone!

Go check out Jessica at The Lowe Family News to join in the fun!

Here are my pics from the past week.

Brinley making a new fashion statement with animal pint trim.

Brinley and Gibby playing at the park. They were so bored from the 4 day weekend that we took them in the rain. *Maddy was at Grandmas for the weekend.

This is my first attempt at using the Hipstamatic App. It's my entryway. Looks a little creepy in this pic but I like it!

Gibby and Brinley are always willing to model.

Last night was my first Bunco night of the year. My friend Jessica chose a rainbow theme for the night. We were to come wearing brightly colored or rainbow clothes. So Julie B. and Heather came as a pair! They're shirts have half a rainbow with an arrow pointing to each other saying The Other Half Of My Rainbow.

Each table had a bowl of candy. I ate way to many skittles!

So that's it for this week! Go link up! If you have any other photo apps that you recommend please let me know!


  1. Dang I really need a phone that can get cool apps! Love the shirts!

  2. mm skittles are MY FAV :) I have the Camera Plus app that I love. It looks like "Camera+" in the app store!

  3. Hahaha, those rainbow shirts are hilarious! I love bunco! And, your girls are darling.

  4. i wanna have a girls game night! and a half rainbow shirt. oh and hipstamatic app. ;D

  5. Lovin' your hipstamatic--and all that black in your kitchen. Very cool look.

  6. I love skittles >.>
    I have to admit the picture is alittle creepy lol but in a good way :D as always, your daughters are adorable

  7. I wish my phone had a cool app, heck I wish my phone could even have apps! I like your creepy entry and darling models, I love finding the pictures the kids take of themselves.

  8. ooooh ur entryway looks really awesome. ur door is HUGEmongous!! i wanna see the rest of the house.


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