Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's on Julie's Phone 2-8-2011?

It's Tuesday again! That means What's On My Phone? day! Hop on over to The Lowe Family News and link up to show us what's on your phone! Or you can just check out what everyone else is doing.

Okay, so I'm sure that you all know about the crazy weather we've had here in Texas! Well here in Frisco we got rain, sleet, ice and then snow on top of all that! The hubby was out of town for work so I was stuck in the house for 4 days straight with my kiddo's. Anyway this is what it looked like around our house.

First our street was turned into an ice skating rink.
Then it SNOWED and covered the ice with about 10 inches. Talk about scary to drive on! This is my car covered and notice how you can't tell were the sidewalk ends and the street begins.
Can you see the little birdie foot prints on our porch? They were sheltering there from the cold.
The Back yard had even more snow.
We started a fire on Tuesday because of the rolling blackouts. I thought this was weird that the fire was coming out of the middle of the log.
The hubby headed home from Marshall at about 10:30 Friday morning. It was brutal. What should have taken no more than 3 hours took them 6. This is the view from the car.
Hubby got a little bored in the car. He started looking through his phone pics and sent me a few from over a year ago. They all have there own sense of style. I love how Gibby has on two different rain boots and that they are both on the wrong feet!
By Friday afternoon I was ready to pull out my hair! Thank goodness my friend Margy invited us over for the kids to play and we may or may not have consumed some adult beverages. Don't judge! It was definitely needed. Momma was going insane! Anyway, while we were chatting the kids stole our phones and made calls and took pics.This is what I found on my phone.
On Sunday we watched the Super Bowl. We were a family divided. Brinley stuck with me and cheered on the Packers. Before the game started Brinley made her own little sign. I know that the colors are off but she only looked at it once and drew from memory. I think that it's pretty good for a 7 year old.
Finally, yesterday I got to babysit my little niece Hadley! I had a ton of errands to run because of last week. She fell asleep while we were at JoAnn's. My sister was amazed because she had never done that before. In fact she's typically a major handful while out and about. She didn't wake up again until 3 hours later. Miss H must have known that I had a busy day!

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  1. Awww cuuuuuuute babies! My kiddo is still putting her shoes on wrong and shes 5 LOL! That snow looks brutal and amazing all at the same time! Reminds me of when I spent winters in Oklahoma ;)

  2. Your children are beautiful! And so is the snow :)

  3. I can't believe all of the ice and snow you guys are getting!

    I love the pictures of your kids too! Super cute!

  4. is it the end of the world with all the crazy weather everywhere? haha!
    i loooooove it when kids fall asleep for hours, woohoo, score!
    and i don't blame you for consuming adult beverages, my kids have all gotten strep back to back for over a week and 1/2, mama might run awayyyyyyyyyyy!! haha

  5. Holy snow covered life!! We are really boring in our part of the country, it's kind of sad. Thanks for sharing the fun!

  6. ur sleeping baby makes me want to go crawl in my bed and be cozy. i'm so tiredddddd. i can't wait until lover comes home so i can have an uninterrupted nap ALL. BY. MY. SELF.

    ok and LOVE how ur lover played along this week. he just wanted his phone pics to make the blog!! haha


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