Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's on Julie's Phone 2/1/2011?

So I have some catching up to do on the phone pics. Everyone in my house has been sick in the last 2-3 weeks. We've had flu, strep end even stomach bugs! YUCK! But maybe we've gotten it all out of the way for this year. A girl can dream right?!

Moving on... My pics are completely random this week. Since my memory card for my "real" camera is busted and I keep forgetting to buy a new one, I've taken every photo with my phone.

You know the drill! Hop on over to The Lowe Family News and link up your phone pics with Jessica or at least check out the awesomeness that everyone else has on their phones!

Here's what's on mine!
This month the girls school had their 10 year anniversary celebration. They had lots of fun getting their faces painting, walking in the cake walk, getting their pictures taken in the photo booth and getting balloon animals!

The same night hubby came home sick. :(

Gibby wants to do everything daddy does so she was pretending to be sick too. She had a "headache".

Random pics of the girls playing before any of them got sick.

Frenchie had to get in on the picture taking fun too!

For those of you who don't know, I sell 31! This is the new Spring catalog that starts today! :)

The girls school has a Sock Hop every year! I make poodle skirts for them and some of they're little friends. I snapped some pics of glitter felt to see if one of the girls would like it.

This is the first one I've made this year and also the first cat!

Then Brinley got sick. :(

The hubby watching TV! He looks a bit scary. Probably shouldn't have chosen black and white.

We took the kiddos to Pei Wei over the weekend. This is what Gibby thinks you should do with chopsticks!

Gibby was sick yesterday and thought that she needed pictures to document her first sick day off of school!

I also started on Daddy Daughter Dance dresses. This is my senior prom dress from 1998 that I'm refashioning into Brinley's dress. I cut it all up yesterday and it's almost finished! Loving it so far!

Me in the dress at my prom. Yup, that's my hubby. High School sweethearts. Together since 1996! ;)

Last we have a picture of the girlies cuddled up on the couch this morning since we are having an ice day here in Frisco,TX.

Don't forget to checkout The Lowe Family News! You'll be glad you did!


  1. i wonder if painting my girls faces would make them feel better, 1 just got over strep, and now 2 have it..ugh.
    i love cuddle days though! and 1996 graduates, holla!

  2. How cute that you married your high school sweetheart! Sorry your kids have been sick. :( That's the worst. The last pic of them is suuuuper sweet. :)

  3. So cute that you're re-purposing your dress!!

  4. stopit already. stop being so dang crafty. ur making me feel really worthless. i remember my first and ONLY poodle skirt. i LOVED it. like LOVED. ur girls will treaure them!!!

  5. u know whats really bad? i'm so psycho about my instagram app that i couldn't look thru ur blog without naming all the tints u used.

  6. That skirt is super cute!!! sigh...I wish I had some crafty talents.


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