Monday, August 30, 2010

Day Six!

So today was the first day of the second week of school! It didn't start out so great! We had Brinley's slumber party on Saturday night and it completely wiped us out! Needless to say we were all still tired this morning. Brinley was having melt down after meltdown and didn't want to do pictures! We did them any way hence the crying face and angry face Brin has in her pics!

When we got to school we were running late and had to wait in the long drop off line! Maddy was standing and I took of to move and she fell in the car. So I ended up walking her to the door! Luckily Gabby was there and offered to walk her in! Maddy was really happy with that!

When I picked them up today they were all happy and had a great day at school! Maddy even got a smiley face! They were all super excited that I let them buy their lunch today and told me in detail what they chose!

Here are the pics from this morning! :)

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