Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day Nine!

This morning was not fun! I stayed up late doing defensive driving!(That's another story!) Anyway I wasn't in bed until 12:30 a.m.A little while after that I felt sick and didn't really go to sleep until between 4 and 5! :( Needless to say I was a pretty useless Mommy this morning! It took forever to get ready and then we were late to school. I knew that this would be bad because I had to walk them in and Maddy doesn't do well when that happens. I had to leave her crying again. This time it took awhile for her to calm. She is getting attached to the school counselor. (Thanks Mrs.G) So she decided to take her to the assistant principle to get her back into class and she was not having that. She yelled at her , told her that she wasn't her boss and threw her ring at her! (Sorry Mrs.B)When this happened Mrs.B just let her have her fit and calm herself down. Then she was able to go back to class.

I had promised to bring Maddy lunch but when I arrived I was told about the morning and we decided that it would be better if she didn't see me. :( (Sorry Gibby. I promise that we will have lunch soon!) Today was also meeting day. I came back to the school and got to sit down with the principle Mrs.G, the assistant principle Mrs.B, the counselor Mrs.G and Maddy's teacher Mrs.S. Let me tell you they are a phenomenal group of women! They are all very understanding and are more than happy to help get Maddy the help she needs! We have come up with a plan to help her stay on task and she will be doing some testing for behavioral and learning issues. I was assured that they have had kids like Maddy and once the problem is solved and we are implementing the plan she will be fine! Thanks God! So I am emotionally and physically tired tonight! I'm going to feed the girls and get us to bed! Did I mention that Aaron is at a football game! (Have fun honey!)

Here are our pics from this morning! :)

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