Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day Eight!

So yesterday didn't finish as great as I thought! Maddy had a great morning but had a major meltdown in music and was very unkind to her music teacher. (We are very sorry Ms. J.) Anyways , when I picked up the girls I was met at the car by her teacher and she scheduled a conference for tomorrow! She then assured me that this is all very normal. I am sure that every teacher has at least one difficult student every year! However it still isn't fun when that kid belongs to you! When we arrived at home Maddy was not able to choose a cartoon and was not allowed to have the candy she was promised for a good day! She was then punished with some alone time when Aaron got home! After we put the kiddo's to bed I was packing up the school bags for today and noticed that on Maddy's behavior calendar that she changed her sad face from yesterday to a happy face and gave herself happy faces for the rest of the month. It's already starting! At this point all I could do was laugh because I sure didn't feel like crying! By the way the other girls had another great day and Brinley really LOVES science and went into great detail telling us about the experiment they had done at school!

So needless to say I was worried about today! They had another good morning! They got dressed and ate breakfast. Then we did our pics and went to school! I then went to Canton with Liz to help set up the Thirty-One booth. I'm supposed to be helping her tomorrow but it looks like I'll be meeting with Maddy's teacher instead! :( When we got back to Frisco the sky was black and it started raining just as I was picking up the girls! For some reason this morning they insisted on taking their umbrellas! I guess they knew something that I didn't! They hoped in the car and I was relieved to hear that the all had a great day at school! Yay!

Here are our pics from this morning!

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