Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mad Hatter Part 1 - The Hat

Hi friends. Long time no see right? I apologize for being gone so long. I still haven't fixed my camera and let's face it the best part of my posts are the pics!

Anywho, We are gearing up for Halloween and our Annual Halloween Party around here. So I thought that I might share our costumes! This post is dedicated to my husbands Mad Hatter costume. The Hat in particular. I followed this awesome tutorial from Thread Banger!

I had to make a few adjustments but overall it was very easy to follow. *Just make sure that you cut your fabric on the bias and you bring your patience! ;)

The Supply List
* Sewing Machine
* Scissors
* Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
* Spray Adhesive
* Spray Paint
* Lighter
* Marker
* Tailors Chalk
* Heavy Gauge Wire
* Tape
* Poster Board
* Foam Board or Card Board
* Textured Fabric
* Coral Fabric
* Hat Pins
* Feathers
* Heavy Card Stock

Here are some pictures of steps that I took. There are a few missing like making the hat pins and hat band. I must have spaced on those. The pictures aren't the best quality because I had to use my iPhone. Anyways, it was really fun to make and I'll post the rest of the costume once I'm finished with some minor details! :)

The First Step - Cut the poster board and foam board to size and attach together using tape and a glue gun. * Refer to tutorial for measurements!

The Second Step - Cut fabric to size. * Make sure to cut on the bias! Start hot gluing around the top and fold fabric in when your edges meet. * Again refer to tutorial for more details! ;)

The Third Step - Pull the fabric down into the poster board shaft tight and hot glue or staple it in. All the way around. * This part takes lots of patience and you may have to start over a couple of times! This is how I found out that I prefer to use staples!* Again refer to tutorial! :)

The Fourth Step - *Sorry, no photo! Cut a piece of fabric the same size as that top and glue it down. * I used spray adhesive but you can use hot glue if you like!

The Fifth Step - Trace a circle onto to another piece of fabric around the bottom of the hat. Cut a circle out of the center and then cut slits to the edge of the circle that you traced. Cut a piece of heavy wire and and form a large circle. * refer to tutorial for measurements! ;)

* Notice that my fabric isn't the most gorgeous? No worries! I chose it for the raised texture that it had. I got it off the clearance racks at JoAnn's. The colors don't matter because I'll be painting it! ;)

The Sixth Step - Hot Glue the slits to the inside of the bottom of the hat. Then pin your wire into place around the brim. Sew into place and cut off any excess fabric.

The Seventh Step - Spray paint if you chose to. I used layers of dark green, black and gold.

The Eighth Step - Make your accessories! I made hat pins, a coral colored hat band and the famous style tag! I also cut down some peacock feathers! Then attach them to your hat!

For my first attempt at making a hat I think that it turned out pretty darn good and Aaron's going to make a great Mad Hatter!

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  1. Excellent job! Very good tutorial too! I want to see the whole costume, all put together!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  2. Wow... fabulous job; I'm looking forward to seeing the whole outfit too! :)


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