Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day Four!

So today wasn't the greatest! The girls were sleepy and didn't want to wake up. Then it took us longer to get ready for some reason and we were running late! Maddy was yawning at breakfast and said that she didn't want to go to school. I convinced her to go by bribing her with Hershey's kisses! I still wanted my pics so I lined them up and Maddy wanted to be in the middle! Brinley wasn't having that, so there was fighting! I told Brinley to let Maddy in the middle then the crying began...

I finally got my pics and off we went to school! When we got there Maddy refused to get out so I had to park and walk her in. Then she didn't want to go into her class and cried and cried which in turn made me cry. I had to leave her crying and the school counselor assured me that she would be fine and that she would call me with an update later.

When I got home I went to upload my pics only to find that I had forgotten to put the memory card back in! So all of the fighting and crying was for nothing!!!

I did get 2 calls and an email stating that Maddy was doing just fine! What a relief and what a wonderful school! Have I mentioned how much I love their school? It's awesome!

I also got to have lunch with one of my BFF's and SIL Sam! It was so nice chatting and eating lunch without interruptions! I LOVE that the girls are all in school! :)

After lunch I picked the kiddo's up and found out that they all had a fabulous day at school. We went to Sonic for treats and then came home and redid our pics! You can check them out below!

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