Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day Three!

Okay so yesterday was interesting. I thought for sure that the girls would have another great day because it started out great! For Brinley and Gibby it was great! For Maddy not so much. :( Apparently she got in trouble at school for running away when they were switching classes. She told me that she wanted me. I will find out tomorrow in Thursday folder what actually happened. I pray that this will not be the start of what's to come for Maddy this year. I really don't think that I can take it.

This morning seems promising! Maddy was told that if she is good at school today she can paint when she gets home! Fingers crossed that this works!

Here are the before school pics from this morning!


  1. This is precious! I found your blog and so glad...I am from TX too! :) I'm Meme from Screaming is so nice to meet you! Stop by some time for a visit!

  2. Thanks Meme! I checked out your blog and love it!


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